Über mich

I am Dixie vom Wandersmann, named either after the first girl-friend of Elvis, or the music of the early jazz. Choose what you like 🙂

I like to cuddle, to romp, chicken-herding, sanctity of the home enforcement, to play with my friends, to swim, locate my people by trailing, to sleep, listen to music, to read and to play chess.

I do not like retrieving games, they are boring.

I was born at 01/31/2007 and was one of the smallest of the puppies. I was part of the second birth my mom Amie gave to whelps.

I origin from Briards of Wandersmann, a relatively young but very successful breed.

I am a Berger de Brie, short a Briard. Read more about the breed here.

I live together with Ambre Caprice Montbard de Bethune (Chili) and Armagnac Debutant Montbard de Bethune (Mani). We are the Black Bandits