First day at dog-school

It has been a saturday and my people decided to learn something about dogs. So we drove to a totally new place. Ok, nose high, checking environment… there are other dogs! Let’s see.

The people at pet school were friendly and some puppies have been running around already. Soon i was off the leash but decided to watch the place for a while. A careful girl i am. The others sniffed and have been interested, but it was a but too much for me at the moment. I like to have time to decide who is friend and who is not.

Later the others began to practice weird games – they were marching in a circle! I watched and learned. Walking in circles… i could think of better things to have fun. Others crawled into a big, yellow tube, and obviously they hat lots of fun. I observed carefully and decided, that i’d like to try that. So i pulled into that direction and as a matter of fact, that was fun.

That day i did not play with the others, but today i am eager to meet the fellows and to play and tussle around there. I outrun most of them 🙂

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