Easter sunday

Easter sunday, not much snow was left. Regardless, i was happy to have at least some and played with a frozen tennis ball.


I don’t like refetch games, but to play football would be my game.


Kicking around makes them hop so funnily.


Play position works not only with fellow dogs, even small balls understand the body language.


Later on we went out for a walk. More or less by accident, we met Finn. That made my day.


Outch, he’s a rough one. Neckbite! But we know each other, so we knew, that was playful.


Catch me!


The snow changed into puddles. We dogs do like them, and our humans have good shoes.


Some posing for a photo will earn me some cheese.


An urban myth figure in Europe is the Easter-rabbit. Ok, this one is Thilda the poodle 🙂


I had quite a lot fun time this day.

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2 Responses to Easter sunday

  1. Indigo says:

    Na wenigsten Du hattes Frohe Ostern,
    Aber am Karfreitag hatten wie mit dem Wurschti auch viiiiel Spass.
    Da geht es zu wie bei Dir mit Finn.
    Schön, dass man Freunde hat die einen verstehen nicht war?

    muss mein Herrchen noch mal abschlecken bevor er Bubu macht,
    Tschüüüüs Indi

  2. Täuschende Verkleidung, wir sollten Karneval Rollentausch machen. Anspielen übende Grüße,

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