Yin & Yang

As Merlin and Hoshi remarked, we are not loved only for our sunny side.

What would our good sides be without the bad ones, what where happy times without sad ones, what would be light without shadow?

Our small weaknesses and flaws are what makes us special, what makes us individual. Our differences make us unique.

This is what makes us what we are:

a to be loved, unreplacable individal.

The philosophers amongst us may forgive me my free comprehension of Raimond Gaita’s thoughts.

But, to be loved for ones weaknesses equally as for his strenghts is not to be taken for granted, though i definitely know that my blogger friends and readers as well as my humans cannot understand this lack of love. But this should not concern us here and now.

Since currently i am not aware of any weakness of myself (primarily because i am expected to not have self-reflexive thoughts), i will give moral philosophy a rest and rather tell you about my walk yesterday.

There were many odors that day.

Mostly i was securing trails.

And i have been running and speeding, of course. And took in the view.

After a while, the weather became really ugly.

So we went towards our village. Near that a man stood besides our path, waiting. In his nearby car, we heared barking.

My human said: she does not bite. Seldom at least.

The man said: mine neither. Mostly.

So he let the barking guy out of the car and we befrieded quite fast. I think i like him.

Filou, a white german shepherd, 7 years and playing.

Helloooo. Girls just wanna play!

Speeding would be good for you, too 🙂

See, there you are.


I am faster than a tasmanian devil!

Fetch me!

I showed Filou my favourite mud puddle 🙂 His human was not amused 🙂

I had really fun.


Your Dixie

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2 Responses to Yin & Yang

  1. Oh, Frauchen ist ganz hin und weg von dem runden Bild. Ach ja, sie sagt manchmal zu mir: “Mein Hund, ich schaue bis auf dein Gund deiner schwarzen Seele.” Wieso fällt mir das jetzt ein? Egal.

    Ich würde da noch gut dazwischen passen. Weil das Leben niemals alleine nur schwarz oder weiß ist. Das meiste ist grau. Ohne Grau gibts keine Schwarz/Weiß-Fotos. Sagt Frauchen immer. Man kann auch sagen, ich werde im Graubereich erzogen. Hihihi!


  2. Weisse Schäferhunde sind echte Schmutzfinken 🙂

    Merlin und Hoshi

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