Pentecost (2)

After our humans had some coffe, we went to the water dish 🙂 Here you can find some more pictures of this moment.

Wurschti checked the quality and gave us a GO.

Indi is busy retrieving wood, Paddy is busy staring at my back.

Master of Zen explained to me the concept of calmess.

But i rather wanted to kick Indi’s ass on behalf of Banjo.

We took some time to explain to some passing styled people, why it is not good to take a walk with white clothes right now.

Indi collected wood… Hey Indi, leave that wood where it is! You are disturbing the ecosystem!

Can’t you hear? ECOSYSTEM!

Ok, as long Indi is busy collecting stuff instead of playing with me, i secretly dated with Wurschti. He promised to show me his collection of stamps. And if i am nice to him, he promised to give me an extra lecture in Briard-fighting.

So when the others went back to Indi’s home, i stayed at Wurschti’s for his stamp collection.

What was happening there is censored.

Master: wait and see, i’ll post all those pictures, too 🙂

Dixie: Don’t you dare! Grrr.

Then we all went back to Indi’s and Wurschti was all gentlemen, again.

What else happened this evening and why my master embarrassed himself, i will tell you later.



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5 Responses to Pentecost (2)

  1. Oh, es bleibt spannend! Wir wollen *alles* hören (alles was jugendfrei ist)…

  2. Weiter weiter!!!

    Merlin + Hoshi

  3. Emil says:

    Cliffhanger heisst das, oder? *hechel*

    Eines garantiere ich Dir Dixie: wenn ICH dabei bin schnuppert kein anderer Rüde an Deinem Hintern!

  4. Oooh, du hast das wunderbar gemacht, meine schwarze Schöne. Aber ich bin schon froh, dass der Indi noch lebt, nach all diesen Verhaufotos.

    Fantastische Figur hast du.

  5. Wurschti says:

    Kleine Korrektur: nicht alle sind nass die Böschung hochgerast… Einer musste ja das Wasser sichern. 🙂

    Sichernde Grüße vom Wurschti

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