My first new year

Yesterday it was exciting. I was exactly 11 months old and in the afternoon my friend Pete was visiting. After i drove the chicken into the enclosement, we played in the garden.

Later on my people didn’t go to sleep as usual, they sat and talked and laughed. I like quietute in the evening, they know that. Suddenly there was noise outside an i warned them by barking. Later we fetched firewood from the barn and the noise was there again. That sounds like vineyard-shooting, so nothing new, i was calm again.

We also had visitors, i like that very much. I do like visitors almost as i like cheesecrackers.

At once my people stood up, opened a bottle, were happy together and hugged and toasted. I did’nt get nothing from the bottle, though. At this time it got really loud outside, but my people
were happy about that, so i calmed down and had fun, too.

When we inspected the noise outside, many fast flashing lights dashed through the sky. That was strange at first, but obviously reason to enjoyment for my men. So i deduced, the lights are fun for men and i tolerated the lights gladly.
Then neighbours came by, in the middle of the night! That was cool since i like them very much. We went with them to the street and they talked and hugged much. I welcomed everyone i saw/sniffed and had much fun. So much joyousness around me, that is great.
Even Pete came by, but he was anxious. Immediately i took advantage, of course 😛 and was naughty.

Now and then it banged again, but i did’nt bother anymore.

Afterwards i took a nap, the day was long after all.

P.S. since there are no pictures of new years eve, here i post some older ones.

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