Photo mosaic

Good old Ash threw us a bone – my human had to describe me in pictures.

Here my mosaic:

Dixies mosaic

1. Dixie, 2. turkey (Truthahn), 3. School Dixie, WA2, 4. yellow (gelb), 5. Albert Einstein, 6. water (Wasser), 7. Madagascar, 8. sponge cake (Biskuit), 9. Harley Dog, 10. speeding (sausen) fast as light, 11. Tornado, 12. piglet (Ferkel)

The rules:

Type all answers to the questions below as query at flickr into the search box. (Please: check the option for “Creative Commons-License only” to obey the copyright wishes of the foto owners).
Enter the URLs of the image into the mosaic template (3×4), click on “create” and save. Don´t forget copy the links to the authors.

Quite convenient: The Mosaic-Maker creates the code for you.

The questions:

  • Your first name?
  • Your favorite food?
  • What school did you attend?
  • Favorite color?
  • Celebrity Crush?
  • Favourite drink?
  • Holiday site of your dreams?
  • Favorite desert?
  • What do you want to become when you are grown up?
  • What do you like most in your life?
  • One word that describes you?
  • Your nick-name?

I throw the bone to Dyfa, Turbo the sibe and Dixie the dog 🙂 Have fun!



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5 Responses to Photo mosaic

  1. mephisto says:

    Dein Mosaik gefällt mir 🙂

    LG, mephisto

  2. Hoshi says:

    *kicher* den Tornado haben wir gemeinsam 🙂


  3. I look forward to doing this!

  4. Ginger Truby says:

    Hey illustrious post, I sincerely enjoyed it, notably about the 2nd remark that you finished. The only thing I have to refer to to you would be viewing the site through the Konquerer browser… for several reason it does not seem to load the web site plus the sidebar seems to break – might want to check that out!

    • Dixie says:

      🙂 supported browser is firefox and firefox. Maybe Chrome. IE is not. To install Konqueror i’m too lazy. To write cross-site css i am tired of. But thanks for the hint 🙂

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