Walking on Water

Since Wurschti has begun to document his repertoire, i have to show what i can, too.

Walking on water - Dixie vom Wandersmann, briard noir

This discipline is not easy. I started practicing last summer and it took me half a year to master the Art of walking on water.

Ash documented a similar attempt, too.

The fellow on the shore is Finn, he is from the neighbour village. He is fun to play with.

I liked him from the first moment – here some impressions:

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3 Responses to Walking on Water

  1. Boah, ey, du bist ja eine hübsche Maus! Würdets prima zu uns passen 🙂

    Merlin und Dojan

  2. Golly yous got talent! Looove your pictures! Nice to make your aquaintance we just saw that you joined DWB and thought we’d sniff over and check you out! We loves your long hair too! Happy New Year hope you don’t mind if we sniff back by, k?

    waggin TX tails & barking loud often

  3. Emil says:

    Hey, ist ja toll, noch ein bloggener Briard.
    Hab Dich gleich in meine Blogroll aufgenommen, bin mal gespannt, was Du noch so alles erlebst.

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