While me people work, i make nonsense

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First day at dog-school

It has been a saturday and my people decided to learn something about dogs. So we drove to a totally new place. Ok, nose high, checking environment… there are other dogs! Let’s see. The people at pet school were friendly and some puppies have been running around already. Soon i was off the leash but […]

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Basket is too big

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Enjoy the moment

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Playing in the evening

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With Grandma in the garden

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Goodby from my first home

Today my new family came to bring me to my new home. The goodbye from my mom was short, she told me – as she did my sisters – a last reminder, reminded me to behave myself. But I know her too well and she was not so rough with me.

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Dixie vom Wandersmann – The adventures of a little femelle noire.

Das bin ich: Dixie vom Wandersmann, briard noir / That is me: Dixie vom Wandersmann, briard noir I am Dixie vom Wandersmann, named either after the first girl-friend of Elvis, or the music of the early jazz. Have a look into my Pages for more interesting readings, or browse my diary here and in the archives.

In the world which we know, among the different and primitive geniuses that preside over the evolution of the several species, there exists not one, excepting that of the dog, that ever gave a thought to the presence of man.

— Maurice Maeterlinck – ‘Our Friend, The Dog’