While me people work, i make nonsense

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First day at dog-school

It has been a saturday and my people decided to learn something about dogs. So we drove to a totally new place. Ok, nose high, checking environment… there are other dogs! Let’s see. The people at pet school were friendly and some puppies have been running around already. Soon i was off the leash but […]

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Basket is too big

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Enjoy the moment

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Playing in the evening

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With Grandma in the garden

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Goodby from my first home

Today my new family came to bring me to my new home. The goodbye from my mom was short, she told me – as she did my sisters – a last reminder, reminded me to behave myself. But I know her too well and she was not so rough with me.

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Dixie vom Wandersmann – The adventures of a little femelle noire.

Das bin ich: Dixie vom Wandersmann, briard noir / That is me: Dixie vom Wandersmann, briard noir I am Dixie vom Wandersmann, named either after the first girl-friend of Elvis, or the music of the early jazz. Have a look into my Pages for more interesting readings, or browse my diary here and in the archives.

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