Which end is where

A riddle: Which end of the dog is where?

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Rough play with Finn

– or how i got my tongue pierced – This is Finn. From the neighbour village. I met him two weeks ago on a walk. He’s a really nice guy, only he should work out a bit more – he’s exhausted after only one hour running with me 🙂 We had a great Morning playing…

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Look, a Tibetan Terrier!

Recently master spottet this in the fields. Could this be a Tibetan Terrier? No, it’s me, your little Briard Dixie! 🙂

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Self-confidence for dogs

»God set out to create the world, and he took along a dog« A Kato Legend (read in Raimond Gaita – The Philosophers Dog)

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Neulich hab ich einen großen Fehler gemacht – oder warum ich kein Zebra bin

Sorry, this article is not available in english. If you want to help translating, feel free to post a comment.   Neulich hab ich mich gewundert, warum ich kein Zebra bin. Genauer, warum von meinen Geschwister die Hälfte noir und die anderen fauve sind, meine Nichten aber 8 von 10 noir, die anderen beiden fauve. […]

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Forbidden paths

After hours of playing with Finn (i’ll tell about him later), i again was muddy from tip to toe. Mistress said something like …stinks like fish… Hyperactive from having so much fun, i went upstairs – which is forbidden for me. Big Hello… but as i was already there, my people thought, why not giving […]

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Sofa for advanced learners

Some variants from obedience training for the command “Sit” Variant 1: “Stit” (Stand and Sit) Variant 2: “Silie” (Sit & Lie Down) Even if it looks alike, this has nothing to do with Doga 🙂

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What if my water dish is empty?

I never thought what happens if my dish with water was ever empty. Up to now, i didn’t have the situation, but if the water in the dish is not fresh and pure, i just wait, without begging. Thus my people watch carefully that there is enough fresh water inside the house. I don’t drink […]

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Addendum Pitchblack

Addendum to Pitchblack: Chinese cabbage for breakfast: Grüße an DJ 🙂

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Sorry, we don’t have an english translation here. Feel free to submit one as comment. Heut war wieder Spasstag. Ausgedehntes Frühstück mit meiner Leibspeise Chinakohl, Mittags einen langen Ausflug ins Feld. Da war ich so motiviert, daß sogar Fußübungen lustig waren – hat Herrchen natürlich gleich ausgenutzt. Ein gelber Jogger hat sich auch sehr freundlich […]

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