Heute war Hundeschule

Da haben wir viel gelernt. Ich hab ja unglaublich Spaß dort, mit den ganzen anderen Hunden kann ich toll spielen und auf dem großen Platz rumsausen. Und die Arbeit mit Herrchen macht auch Spaß, da die Käsedichte sehr hoch ist. Vorbereitung auf Begleithund haben wir gespielt. Ist noch weiter weg, aber miteinander gehen und nebeneinander […]

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some impressions Aber sowas. Ich wußte schon, daß sie gerne klettert. Aber das hier ist doch verboten! Offensichtlich verschafft sie sich einen Überblick über die “Provinz” 🙂

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Slept in the power plant

Tonight, i slept in the power plant. So i had a big amount of excessive energy which i used to whack my best friend Pete: He’s a happy dog.

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I was off my feed today. But mistress has quite a few ideas. PUMPKIN! Oh yeah!

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Porgtugese Poodle?

This girl i met today. She is known to be shy with other girls, but today we played nicely. I was very careful. And she liked me, too.

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Gismo, the tibetan terrier

And because it is such a beautiful day, we went for a walk a second time. We met a real tibetan terrier.

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A grand day out

What a unbelievable weather

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3 things you need to become a good archer

Emil opened the outdoor season – but as long as it is cold here, we stay inside and prepare with a basic lesson in archery equipement. So, what do you need, to become a great archer? 1. a Briard being spectator, scoring judge and groundkeeper, 2. a saxophone

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That hurts

Oh dear, our high-end pocket camera is badly hurt. We don’t know how it happened, but our Canon G7 has a visible scratch in the center of the lens. So any photo taken against the light looks extremely bad. So for the next time we will have pictures with light from behind, only.

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Back from the island

After having a great party, we departed and had a somewhat rough flight home. But at home i was welcomed wholeheartedly and i even got a present. A wonderful tug-of-war ball on a rope: which i had to try out immediately:

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