Der Hund hat ja gar keine Augen!

Sorry, this article is not available in english, yet. Please review the references and citations at the end, they are mostly in english. sagte letztens die 3-jährige Tochter eines Freundes. Was mich vor die Frage stellte:

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Easter sunday

Easter sunday, not much snow was left. Regardless, i was happy to have at least some and played with a frozen tennis ball. —

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We got some snow, finally

We almost did not believe that this could happen this year… Fun to play!

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may I introduce: Linus

As you may have guessed, a fun day cannot consist only of a morning with finn. My current problem are my folks sitting in front of the computer all day reading stories and pictures about Hoshi, a distant friend of ours. No way! I need a puppy! So i asked a nephiew of mine for […]

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I did not dare to dream that this day would be a fun-day, again. Is it already easter? —

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Psychodelic impact of tibetan terrier on innocent briard

To all those who believe, a day with a tibetan terrier does not leave a mark: be warned. Habca has a deep impact on psychis, physis and thesis. Mind altering substances appear without effect compared to her. In a selfless self-experiment, an exposure of only one day had momentous pathologic consequences: Beware of the pack!

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Walk with Habca

As you read last time, we were honoured by a visit from Habca. Here are the rest of the photos. —

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Habca is so cute

I had a wonderful weekend. I was very surprised, Habca von Tila-La payed us a visit. As soon as we realized that our men are friendly, we dogs liked us, too.

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Ducks for breakfast

My people visited Frankfurt-Hoechst and had a few minutes to enjoy the old part of the city. Das alte Zolltor

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Last farewell

It is so painful to see someone beloved leave. But god’s will took my idol and brother in spirit so suddenly that my mourning will take some time.

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