They try to knock the stuffing out of me

Sunday was not only dogschool and quite dangerous ninja-ivy – not enough – after i pursued my chicken-herding, we sat into the car and drove to visit Habca. Fun!

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Fortune favors fools

After dogschool i planned to take a short nap at noon. Just dozed off when it happened: the ivy suddenly ambushed me and wanted to overgrow me. Be careful, my friends, may this not happen to you on a walk. Woof Dixie

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Not much to do here

Not much to do lately. My humans have much to do. So i was allowed to herd the chicken most of the time. This was exhausting, too. — Afterwards i helped making backups from the pictures we took. — Now i am tired, i think i’ll take a nap. Woof, Dixie

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For Ash

Lately, Ash had a major mischiev. To minimize damage, i tried to reconstruct one of his photographs, which he posted lately. (5th picture) — Hope it helps. Woof, Dixie

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This is Benni from dogschool. — We seldom play since in dog school others bother him.

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Earth day

Today was Earth Day, and thats all about environment. I really do like that, since i like earth, i like my environment and especially i like the smells of it. Best thing on earth day is that i am allowed to dig anywhere in the earth i want. At that occasion i noticed, that my […]

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Good things come

to those who wait. Finally, we are able to present another fur-nose: the Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes. Have fun 🙂

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Short walk

I took a short stroll, and it’s getting quite hot these days: 10 degree celsius and rising. I want my winter back!

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Beauty Industry and Food Chains

It is spring. — The sparrows singing from the roofs. —

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News from dixipedia

Since my boring humans are ill and i am not allowed to bug the stupid chicken, i had time to add another specimen to the dixipedia gallery of special ones: Dr. Indigo Jones Many thanks to the responsible Team of experts. Woof, Dixie

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