Ugly weather

The whole week we had bad weather. It was way too hot. Nevertheless i pursued one of my favourite occupations: inflicting crop damage 🙂 —

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Very feminine, small model

Yes, that is the assessment i got from the suisse judge this weekend. Cool 🙂 Saturday we visited the international show of beauty in Giessen, Germany (CACIB). Sorry for the short english text, please refer to the german version for details. Here some pictures: Last preparations for my “natural herding style” look. —

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Exciting week

Everything is green. I like to get out when the plants are awakened and the animals are ripe (to be hunted or played with) 🙂 —

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Mom and Dad are the best

I almost cannot believe it, but Mom and Dad achieved a great show result. At Pentecost 2008 both of them became “Landesgruppensieger LG-Nord” in Wietzen, Germany. I missed the show. Please don’t tell my parents where i have been… ok, i had quite a lot of fun, also 🙂 Daddy “CH. Escobar de l’ Etoile […]

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Fallen in love

I never tought that i would meet such a handsome guy. —

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Pentecost (4)

So we went for a morning walk. —

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Pentecost (3)

After the Wurschti-funtour we went to Indi. The humans planned a little barbecue. Therewhile i had time to play with Indi. But first, he had to refuel. —

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The Stamp collection of Wurschti

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Pentecost (2)

After our humans had some coffe, we went to the water dish 🙂 Here you can find some more pictures of this moment. Wurschti checked the quality and gave us a GO. —

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Pentecost (1)

I had a marvellous weekend. We drove over to Indi and the Wurschti, for a weekend dog-blog meeting. At arrival, Indi showed me his water dish 🙂 which i immediately entered in oder to cool down from the journey. He even has fishes in his water dish. Then we drove over to Wurschti who has […]

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