Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

We are honoured to get an award from Emil. Thanks a lot! which we gladly award to: Anouk & Cousteau Ash Habca Hoshi – Briard Blog wirrkopf Kuddel-Knuddelbär Prado Woof, Dixie

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Photo mosaic

Good old Ash threw us a bone – my human had to describe me in pictures. Here my mosaic: 1. Dixie, 2. turkey (Truthahn), 3. School Dixie, WA2, 4. yellow (gelb), 5. Albert Einstein, 6. water (Wasser), 7. Madagascar, 8. sponge cake (Biskuit), 9. Harley Dog, 10. speeding (sausen) fast as light, 11. Tornado, 12. […]

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Social Referencing

Since Dixie is with us, we are digging holes in our garden. The garden was quite a wilderness, and now we want to plant potatoes and beans and other stuff. So the old roots must be dug out, the bushes which are growing wildly must be tamed. Dixie likes helping to dig, until now for […]

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Onset of winter

The days are getting shorter. It can´t be long until winter is here. Woof. Dixie

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What you always wanted to know about Habca but never dared to ask

Habca von Tila La, the whole truth! An exclusive interview uncovers unbelievable things Sorry, the english translation is not available, yet. Please stay tuned.

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A day in the car

Sorry, but this post is not available in English

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She´s here!

the new leash for mantrailing 🙂 That feels like birthday! For those who would like to see: ->here it is. Woof, Dixie

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