Chicken rescued by K9

Yesterday one of our chicken fell into a water bucket while trying to drink. She could not free herself. Dixie found the poor thing while being on her regular patrol walks. She called us to help by barking at the chicken, just like trained SAR dogs do. Tall humans could help and today the chicken […]

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Winter arrived

This is Heino H. — our centipede.

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How large are cobblestones?

For those who are interested: 😉 And how long is a Briard leg? Woof, Dixie

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She was here (2)

Sunday morning it was a little cloudy and rainy, but we went to a morning walk – before She had to leave again. So we went to the vineyards.

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She was here (1)

I waited what seemed to be an ethernity but then she was hiere: Banjos Tall Human visited. We had so much fun over the weekend. —

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Stupid politics?

Election campaign in the US went into its hot phase – the politically interested among you must not miss the grand debate Huricane Akara Turbofire from the Sibertarian Party and Dyson Animal from the Suction Party! Btw, Vrooomy’s Blog is worth a visit, too 🙂 Woof, Dixie

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