Segmentation Fault – out of radish error

Out of radish error – Core dumped. kernel panic, system halted. WuffWedel, Dixie

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The Christmas Tree

We went into the woods to chop a christmas tree. But then we remembered that beating living things is not “new age” compliant, and so the stupid human tried to clicker train the tree until it shows the desired behavior: laying down for us. But this did not happen and so we went home again, […]

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We wish you…

Chester wishes a Merry Christmas and fur-toys for everyone, — and i wish for everyone, as many radish as you can eat. — Woof, Dixie

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Can it be my fault that this old shoe feels like a Dotti? Woof, Dixie

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Lap Dogs

Woof, Dixie

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Frozen Ground

Frozen ground is ok, since i have less mud on my paws. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to drag the otherwise snow white Chester through the fields. — Anyways, i wanted to show you some techniques how to push over big dogs. But tall guy was too slow with the camera. […]

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Bushwah 1

Found yesterday by Sono Fabitch: “You can get an homeopathic vaccine but the antibodies are actually not traceable.” wow! My comment: don´t try this at home and don´t dry pets in the microwave oven, too 🙂

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Every sofa has to be equipped with a bone.

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Katastrophaler Personalmangel gefährdet die öffentliche Ordnung

Besorgte Mitarbeiter einer bekannten Rettungshundestaffel äußerten den Verdacht, daß die öffentliche Ordnung einer berühmten Studentenstadt in massiver Gefahr sei. Katastrophale folgen bis hin zu bürgerkriegsähnlichen Scharmützeln – bei denen sich Kappenträger mit Klavieren bewerfen könnten – werden befürchtet. Die Ursache dieser katalkysmischen Zustände ist in der akuten gesundheitlichen Verhinderung des Herrn Wurschti zu finden. Blöd […]

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