Dog walk 1 (1/2)

We had an exciting sunday: Fräulein von Tila-La invited to tea and cookies a grand day out. Of course, we happily joined. We walked with the first dog-walk Rhein-Main: Hunderunde Rhein Main! First a star picture, well, the star is busy scratching, so she can’t look into the cameras. Please meet: Habca, Bhyi-Bo and Lolle. […]

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Found a treasure

My human is ill. She can’t work and can’t really walk much. So she decided to read the whole internet. Stoopid! She has to decide what to read. So I dug up a treasure for her: Banjo’s Rumpelkammer Schatztruhe A real treasure about Banjo’s life in his foreverhome. Woof, Dixie

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About cats of prey, mountain goats and sheep

We did not visit the zoo today. I would have liked it, so i played zoo-animals. Black and dangerous is the prey cat —

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Psychodelic impact of tibetan terrier on innocent briard

To all those who believe, a day with a tibetan terrier does not leave a mark: be warned. Habca has a deep impact on psychis, physis and thesis. Mind altering substances appear without effect compared to her. In a selfless self-experiment, an exposure of only one day had momentous pathologic consequences: Beware of the pack!

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Walk with Habca

As you read last time, we were honoured by a visit from Habca. Here are the rest of the photos. —

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Today i have been especially nice

This yellow ribbon photo is dedicated to a fine friend of ours. Get well soon.

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Before… after…

wrote DJ. I tried that, too. Before:

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Stats for february 2008

Im Februar 2008 hatten wir hier etwa 1 Gb Datenverkehr, Wenn man Google Analytics glaubt, hatten wir 1948 Seitenzugriffe 1359 Feedzugriffe 284 eindeutige Besucher 821 Besuche (wobei webalizer anderer Meinung ist: 5814 Besuche, 81242 Seitenzugriffe. Nette Diskrepanz) Das sind dann 28,31 Besuche/Tag, variierend von 18 bis 41 verschiedene Besucher. Wo meine Besucher herkommen, seht ihr […]

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Stormy day

We had a stormy night. The wind threw some bricks of the roof.

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Porgtugese Poodle?

This girl i met today. She is known to be shy with other girls, but today we played nicely. I was very careful. And she liked me, too.

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