Beim Tierarzt

Heute waren wir nach langer Zeit wieder mit Dixie beim Tierarzt. Ich wollte, so kurz vor ihrem 2. Geburtstag mal wissen wie ihre Blutwerte sind. Also mal schnell Blut abgezapft und die üblichen Parameter gleich im Labor untersucht. Die sind alle Top! Alles im Normbereich, Zitat Arztin:”Dieser Hund ist beneidenswert: kerngesund, überhaupt kein Fett, nur […]

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They want to kill me!

I had a splinter in my rear foot. My humans pulled it out, eventually, but it hurt awfully. I thought, they would kill me while pulling it out. But now, i am getting better. Woof, Dixie

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Hips dont lie

We got the official results of my hip evaluation regarding hip dysplasia. I am happy to tell you, that my hips are perfectly healthy and rated HD-A (meaning HD free). Thats a reason to celebrate! Woof, Dixie

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The barley is not ripe, yet. So the itchy appendices are not dangerous. —

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The enigma of slapstick

It is widely known that we briards are real teasers. We’ve got a genetically built-in slapstick.

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I am well again

Later in the night i was feeling well enough to dig up an old ear of a pig, which i buried some weeks ago. That was yummy. The night was quiet, but i dreamed confusing stuff: My humans hacked the Internet and i found unbelievable things there. See for yourself… Woof, Dixie Nachtrag 22:00: Das […]

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I am sick

I am sick. Dunno what, but i parked my evening meal near the sofa this morning. I could puke the whole day. The doctor said that my temperature was OK. Could be anything. I should avoid stress for a while. Now i’ll take another nap. Woof, Dixie

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I am a flea circus

That’s quite itchy. But i got “spot-on” yesterday, this will take care of the flea or whatever it is. It’s getting better right now. And my human is too lazy to make some obedience or other funny training today. He’s just tinkering with the blog. And to what effect? It’s green as before. Well, in […]

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Liebe Habca,

liegst auf dem Sofa wie ein Schluck Wasser in der Kurve. Trösten kann ich nicht wirklich, aber zumindest anteilnehmen – Ich leide zur Zeit mit Dir, und lerne das gerade zum ersten Mal kennen. Ich putz mich auch gründlicher als sonst, nicht einen Tropfen lass ich meine Menschen im Haus finden 🙂 Mehr Schlaf brauch […]

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