Harvest season

It has been a sunny morining and i looked forward to our breakfast outside. I’m feeling well again, so i was happy. Later on i watched my humen, she took her hardest leather gloves. Daydreaming, i had a vision… And now it is worthwhile to know, that a trustable watchdog, not sparing anyone, to be […]

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may I introduce: Linus

As you may have guessed, a fun day cannot consist only of a morning with finn. My current problem are my folks sitting in front of the computer all day reading stories and pictures about Hoshi, a distant friend of ours. No way! I need a puppy! So i asked a nephiew of mine for […]

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Habca is so cute

I had a wonderful weekend. I was very surprised, Habca von Tila-La payed us a visit. As soon as we realized that our men are friendly, we dogs liked us, too.

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3 things you need to become a good archer

Emil opened the outdoor season – but as long as it is cold here, we stay inside and prepare with a basic lesson in archery equipement. So, what do you need, to become a great archer? 1. a Briard being spectator, scoring judge and groundkeeper, 2. a saxophone

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