Short evening Walk

Proper greeting —

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A day in the car

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She´s here!

the new leash for mantrailing 🙂 That feels like birthday! For those who would like to see: ->here it is. Woof, Dixie

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I do not tell you that i did not had a great weekend. To say that i had no fun would be a lie. Not that we did play. We did not train for the soccer qualifications, but that we did not train at all we cannot say. This is not Dixie: — And this […]

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Alles ist gut

Der Plan für Samstag war, planlos in den Tag hineinzuleben. Herrchen hat mal wieder nix gemacht, ich glaub er war mit einem neuen Eintrag für Dixipedia beschäftigt. Um zwanzig nach eins klingelte das Telephon. Frauchen sprach kurz, stand auf und sagte zu mir: “Dixie, wir haben einen Einsatz, wir müssen Habca suchen.” Augenblicklich habe ich […]

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This guy needs training

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Ages ago

Looking for pictures of Pete who seems grin sometimes, we stumbld upon some old photographs, which we want to share. My first trail outside the garden, the first out of sight mission. Here i am just cute.

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Boring day

My people opened the house building season and oviously believe, that they have to carry bricks around. …

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Sorry, we don’t have an english translation here. Feel free to submit one as comment. Heut war wieder Spasstag. Ausgedehntes Frühstück mit meiner Leibspeise Chinakohl, Mittags einen langen Ausflug ins Feld. Da war ich so motiviert, daß sogar Fußübungen lustig waren – hat Herrchen natürlich gleich ausgenutzt. Ein gelber Jogger hat sich auch sehr freundlich […]

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Late Christmas

My people talked about christmas… i think he is a few days late! Suddenly we got a visitor – i know him by nose. The greeting was enthusiastic, of course. Then they talked about warm clothing and stripping a sock, but as soon as they began to pack i knew what was awaiting me:

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