Hot fun

We had a quite hot sunday. Nevertheless the whole day was fun fun fun! We did some mantrailing, and afterwards i played with the gardenhose, again. This i could do the the whole day. Woof, Dixie

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Exciting week

Everything is green. I like to get out when the plants are awakened and the animals are ripe (to be hunted or played with) 🙂 —

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Pentecost (2)

After our humans had some coffe, we went to the water dish 🙂 Here you can find some more pictures of this moment. Wurschti checked the quality and gave us a GO. —

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Walk with Habca

As promised, here are some pictures and thoughts from the visit to Habca last sunday. Habcas mam decided for a very nice place to walk, near the river Main. Many other dogs were there, too, but plenty of space allowed for a nice day. Here you see Habca, the tibetan terrier. She’s oh so cute […]

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Yin & Yang

As Merlin and Hoshi remarked, we are not loved only for our sunny side. What would our good sides be without the bad ones, what where happy times without sad ones, what would be light without shadow? Our small weaknesses and flaws are what makes us special, what makes us individual. Our differences make us […]

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I did not dare to dream that this day would be a fun-day, again. Is it already easter? —

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Psychodelic impact of tibetan terrier on innocent briard

To all those who believe, a day with a tibetan terrier does not leave a mark: be warned. Habca has a deep impact on psychis, physis and thesis. Mind altering substances appear without effect compared to her. In a selfless self-experiment, an exposure of only one day had momentous pathologic consequences: Beware of the pack!

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Walk with Habca

As you read last time, we were honoured by a visit from Habca. Here are the rest of the photos. —

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Ducks for breakfast

My people visited Frankfurt-Hoechst and had a few minutes to enjoy the old part of the city. Das alte Zolltor

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Before… after…

wrote DJ. I tried that, too. Before:

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