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They try to knock the stuffing out of me

Sunday was not only dogschool and quite dangerous ninja-ivy – not enough – after i pursued my chicken-herding, we sat into the car and drove to visit Habca. Fun!

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Fortune favors fools

After dogschool i planned to take a short nap at noon. Just dozed off when it happened: the ivy suddenly ambushed me and wanted to overgrow me. Be careful, my friends, may this not happen to you on a walk. Woof Dixie

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Forbidden paths

After hours of playing with Finn (i’ll tell about him later), i again was muddy from tip to toe. Mistress said something like …stinks like fish… Hyperactive from having so much fun, i went upstairs – which is forbidden for me. Big Hello… but as i was already there, my people thought, why not giving […]

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My first snow.

Snow is real fun. It was not much of it, but the concept became clear. It is so much fun to jump and run around in it.

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With Grandma in the garden

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