Chester is a very young Landseer. He still is very small. —

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Hot fun

We had a quite hot sunday. Nevertheless the whole day was fun fun fun! We did some mantrailing, and afterwards i played with the gardenhose, again. This i could do the the whole day. Woof, Dixie

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More Finn

To avoid too many Briard pictures, i invited Finn to play with me, so i can post some non-briard pictures. (Though all of them i am in) 🙂 —

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So we went for a morning walk. —

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After the Wurschti-funtour we went to Indi. The humans planned a little barbecue. Therewhile i had time to play with Indi. But first, he had to refuel. —

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The Stamp collection of Wurschti

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After our humans had some coffe, we went to the water dish 🙂 Here you can find some more pictures of this moment. Wurschti checked the quality and gave us a GO. —

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Pentecost (1)

I had a marvellous weekend. We drove over to Indi and the Wurschti, for a weekend dog-blog meeting. At arrival, Indi showed me his water dish 🙂 which i immediately entered in oder to cool down from the journey. He even has fishes in his water dish. Then we drove over to Wurschti who has […]

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One year with Dixie

Nun bin ich ein genau Jahr bei meinen Menschen. Mir gefällt es sehr und ich finde, wir sind ein tolles Gespann. Herrchen hatte nie Haustiere, aber Frauchen ist mit Hunden aufgewachsen und nachdem sie sich in ihrem jetzigen Haus eingelebt hatten, war es an der Zeit für einen Hund. Aber nun sollen die mal erzählen, […]

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Easter sunday

Easter sunday, not much snow was left. Regardless, i was happy to have at least some and played with a frozen tennis ball. —

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