She was here (1)

I waited what seemed to be an ethernity but then she was hiere: Banjos Tall Human visited. We had so much fun over the weekend. —

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Psychodelic impact of tibetan terrier on innocent briard

To all those who believe, a day with a tibetan terrier does not leave a mark: be warned. Habca has a deep impact on psychis, physis and thesis. Mind altering substances appear without effect compared to her. In a selfless self-experiment, an exposure of only one day had momentous pathologic consequences: Beware of the pack!

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Walk with Habca

As you read last time, we were honoured by a visit from Habca. Here are the rest of the photos. —

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Habca is so cute

I had a wonderful weekend. I was very surprised, Habca von Tila-La payed us a visit. As soon as we realized that our men are friendly, we dogs liked us, too.

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Gismo, the tibetan terrier

And because it is such a beautiful day, we went for a walk a second time. We met a real tibetan terrier.

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