Aren’t they marvellous, my paws? WuffWedel, Dixie

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Can it be my fault that this old shoe feels like a Dotti? Woof, Dixie

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Bushwah 1

Found yesterday by Sono Fabitch: “You can get an homeopathic vaccine but the antibodies are actually not traceable.” wow! My comment: don´t try this at home and don´t dry pets in the microwave oven, too 🙂

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Fortune favors fools

After dogschool i planned to take a short nap at noon. Just dozed off when it happened: the ivy suddenly ambushed me and wanted to overgrow me. Be careful, my friends, may this not happen to you on a walk. Woof Dixie

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Good things come

to those who wait. Finally, we are able to present another fur-nose: the Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes. Have fun 🙂

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News from dixipedia

Since my boring humans are ill and i am not allowed to bug the stupid chicken, i had time to add another specimen to the dixipedia gallery of special ones: Dr. Indigo Jones Many thanks to the responsible Team of experts. Woof, Dixie

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News: new rare species identified

After being honored to be able to present a very rare and unique species, the Banjoko leo argentum, we are proud to be able to announce the discovery of a specimen of another seldom seen kind: the Emil nasus corpulentus. Read more … Menwhile, we are continuing our search for unique exemplary and noteworthy specimen […]

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Emil nasus corpulentus

Emil nasus corpulentus FBD standard No.002 Patronage Nibelungen Classification FBD Group 4: nose bearer Section 2: huge-nose bearer Breed name according FBD Emil nasus corpulentus Varianten Bicolor Unicolor Wet Height eq. eight and a half apples Weight eq. two and a half bags of potatoes List of breeds Contents Origin and History Appearance and Temperament […]

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Banjoko leo argentum

Banjoko (silverlion) FBD standard No.001 Patronage Bergisches Land Classification FBD Group 19: lions Section 1: silver lions Breed name according FBD Banjoko (leo argentum) variations greysilver silver-grey multicolored Height 24 – 79 cm Weight ~3,5 – 45 kg List of breeds The Banjoko, full name “Banjoko leo argentum” is an officially recognized breed by the […]

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About cats of prey, mountain goats and sheep

We did not visit the zoo today. I would have liked it, so i played zoo-animals. Black and dangerous is the prey cat —

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