Ally und ihre 9 Geschwister

Am Mittwoch fuhr ich Richtung Eifel um an der Geburt von Colors Welpen teilzunehmen. Es war der 57. Tag ihrer Trächtigkeit, aber man weiss ja nie.., ich wollte sicher sein dass ich nicht herein platze wenn alles schon in Gange ist. warten.., Hunde knuddeln.., erzählen..,  spazieren.., schwitzen.., warten.., grillen.., warten.., Leute kommen.., Leute gehen.., müde […]

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Auntie Colors is having babies! She mated with Camelot, a really wonderful pal. Kennel “Montbard de Bethune” A-litter (expected for early july) Colors Caprice vom Wandersmann & Camelot Debutant des Monts d’en Crouzille All bets are open: how many pups? How many male and female? And all suggestions for names starting with “A” are welcome. […]

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One year with Dixie

Nun bin ich ein genau Jahr bei meinen Menschen. Mir gefällt es sehr und ich finde, wir sind ein tolles Gespann. Herrchen hatte nie Haustiere, aber Frauchen ist mit Hunden aufgewachsen und nachdem sie sich in ihrem jetzigen Haus eingelebt hatten, war es an der Zeit für einen Hund. Aber nun sollen die mal erzählen, […]

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may I introduce: Linus

As you may have guessed, a fun day cannot consist only of a morning with finn. My current problem are my folks sitting in front of the computer all day reading stories and pictures about Hoshi, a distant friend of ours. No way! I need a puppy! So i asked a nephiew of mine for […]

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Ages ago

Looking for pictures of Pete who seems grin sometimes, we stumbld upon some old photographs, which we want to share. My first trail outside the garden, the first out of sight mission. Here i am just cute.

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Cuddling puppies

Today i was out for a walk with master. But this particular walk was pretty short, so i started to wonder. At home, my people begun to pack hastily for a ride – without preparing me! Fortunately i took my peoples son and  parents for a longer walk through the vineyards. So i didn’t get […]

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Playing in the evening

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With Grandma in the garden

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Goodby from my first home

Today my new family came to bring me to my new home. The goodbye from my mom was short, she told me – as she did my sisters – a last reminder, reminded me to behave myself. But I know her too well and she was not so rough with me.

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Another visit, i know these guys somehow

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