Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes

Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes
FBD standard No.004
Patronage German Märchenstraße
Classification FBD Group 5: Disc Jokey
Section 1: stealth rogue
Breed name according FBD Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes
  1. Duckdroppingmudcolored
  2. Brown tiles cloak color
Height 68,9 cm
Weight varying, depending on fill level of water
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The DJ, full name “Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes” is an officially recognized breed by the FBD (federation of blogging dogs).


Origin and History [edit]

First sightings of the DJ are documented in the DJ-blog. Occurences in the dunes ashore the river Elbe rise the speculation, that the DJ has his ancestorship genetically in some kind of sandworm. But the striking similarity to the line of Megalowurschti stands against that. (See: Das Wurschti).
The secret passion of wave-catching and pig-herding seems to be premise to the stealthily practiced occupation of a snitchbear (ursus omnikleptus).

Found muddlepuddle

Appearance [edit]

Most presumably, the perfect adaption of the fur to the shore surroundings point to the genetic origin of the stealth-rogue. Stealth gardening activities, like the tendance of solanaceous herbs, profit from his adapted exterior. The formidable height, though, impedes sudden efforts to decamp. Nevertheless, the fully trained DJ manages without effort to become completely invisible in various situations. A remarkable characteristic is his unseen speed in making nonsense.

Temperament [edit]


The DJ’s love to cats, pigs, towels, house slippers and socks and not less to water rise many possibilities for self-actualization. He also shows typical signs for high intelligence: he is a fast learner if he wants to, but if he don’t wants to, he won’t never learn it. Therefore he would not be capable in military training. Other animals the DJ handles with care and love. The tomcat living in his house is frequently victim of his attemts to apply hair-styling: side-parting, center parting, wet-blow-dried hairdo, oiled wet hair…
The occupation of snitchbear is done honorary only (meaning he gets no treats for that), though his talents would call for more: he manages to snitch a passing men’s socks withing a blink, without the victim noticing anything missing. This is the origin for his official name: Chien DJ le déshabilleteur de chaussettes.

Ursus tanzibus

Use [edit]

The predestined application areas are foremost in skin and coat care of housemates. Within some training, he can be used for minimizing entropy in the household. Some more training would enable him even to raise entropy. This could be shaped, adequate behavior is offered accidentially, if you have a look into his toy-box. This can be educated to more sophisticated areas of expertise, like scrubbing tiles, ironing towels, wipe the dishes or likewise.
Outdoors, the DJ is more than capable of locating and testing ducksmutty-stinkymuddy-toadpuddle-phlegmslime-frogponds. He achieves this with the help of his fine nose, which is working perfectly beneath his cloaking coat (which smells very soon like the beforementioned body of water). But mostly, this activity is not endorsed so happily by his owners. But this is the most important qualification for his most sophisticated skill: maintaining patina on in-house tiles.
His musicality enables him for a carrier asdancing-bear, too.

References [edit]

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  1. DJ says:

    Die DJ-Gattung… ein Ding für sich und nicht für jeden geeignet – grins. SUPER

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