Dr. Indigo Jones

Dr. Indigo Jones
FBD standard No.003
Patronage Harzvorland
Classification FBD Group 3: chamaeleonidae
Section 1: hogs
Breed name according FBD Dr. Indigo Jones
  1. Scheisserchen
  2. Kneifzange
  3. Ingelörchen
Height 24 – 79 cm
Weight ~3,5 – 45 kg
List of breeds

The Dr. Indigo Jones, full name “Dr. Indigo Jones 2,2′-Bis(2,3-dihydro-3-oxoindolyliden)” is an officially recognized breed by the FBD (federation of blogging dogs).


Origin and History [edit]

The Indigo, correctly named Dr. Indigo Jones 2,2′-Bis(2,3-dihydro-3-oxoindolyliden), genetically has his origins within the hog population, which still can be observed in his behavior today. He was spottet in spring 2007 in the WWW ([?w??ld?wa?d?w?b]). After extensive studies, it was decided to relocate the Indigo to a protected reservat. Here he is developing perfectly according to his needs.

Appearance [edit]

The Indigo astonishes by his unbelievingly great height (63 cm) as well as with his hyperactive urge for running. He is friendly to anyone, which he expresses by jumping on the person or by throwing down the poor one. He is not bribable, but in case of chicken throats, cheese or cow-stomach, he is able to adapt his behavior within a blink.

tongue and teeth

It is noteworhty, that a real Indigo is defined by his inherited clown-behavior. His exorbitant long tongue is another feature, he is able to roll it in and out like a chameleon. While under great exertion, the tonge reaches her remakable longest extension.

Feeding behavior of an Indigo can vary. Primarly, he sustains himself with fresh wild game, bones and giblets, the so called B.A.R.F.(Born Again Raw Feeders). But from time to time he prefers the “haute cuisine”, the french art of cooking. On the other side, no option for an Indigo would be dried crop.

Temperament [edit]


The Indigo defines himself by a distinctive dominant behavior:

  1. His owners are unable to use the bath in private anymore.
  2. Indigo prefers to sleep in front of the owners bed, in order to announce disturbances in the night with loud voice.
  3. The [gesaess] of his owner are marked with countless haematomes, which Indigo inflicts when he is ignored.
  4. At the age of 17 months he is genetically like a [Kürbis], which combines maskuline as well as feminine genes.
  5. It is not known when and if the Indigo realizes that he is a male dog.

Use [edit]

The Indigo is the perfect dog for single male owners, since he expresses his talents in detecting and retrieving female lingerie in order to start a liaison. Also, persons with a cleaning and tidying-fetish can use the Indigo for therapy purposes.

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