Emil nasus corpulentus

Emil nasus corpulentus
FBD standard No.002
Patronage Nibelungen
Classification FBD Group 4: nose bearer
Section 2: huge-nose bearer
Breed name according FBD Emil nasus corpulentus
  1. Bicolor
  2. Unicolor
  3. Wet
Height eq. eight and a half apples
Weight eq. two and a half bags of potatoes
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Origin and History [edit]

Found near Worms (at the river Rhine), he is an offspring of a Zhivago nasus corpulentus und Houlette ocularus magnus.
Historically the nasus longus was known to be short haired, but within the first year of his life, this specimen developed a unstoppable hair growth. Thanks to his incomparably big nose, emil is quite efficient finding female partners, hence his nickname “casanova”.
Since there is no known female speciment of Emil nasus longus, this breed faces extinction.

Appearance [edit]

The emil appears in two color variants. In winter, he is bicolor – his feet are muddy-brown. In summer he tends to linger in water or puddles, so he is unicolor most of the time.

Single-colored variant looking for rhine-gold

Special feature of the nasus longus is the merrily worn, horn-shaped tail, which makes identification from a distant very easy. Like the der Banjoko, the nasus longus is filled with fine sand, wich he drops inside the house. Owners should build their house with sand-colored tiles and should own industry-strength vacuum cleaners. Or better two of them. His particularly thick nose is used preferably for being nosy about things he shouldn’t. Emil preferes nosing around female specimen of any species.

Temperament [edit]

The Emil is intelligent, vivacious and very assertive. He will defend his possesion using his impressive voice and body. The education has to be done with a lot of empathy, hardness will be counter-productive. Certain properties of the nasus longus one simply must tolerate, since they are invariably genetically imprinted. The Emil nasus longus is versatile, common usages could be: caring for puppies, children-entertainer, therapy dog for dog-phobics and therapy dog for phobic dogs. Even though Emil cannot swim, he always can be found near water, where he likes to rest in shallow water areas.
As a special feater it is to note, that Emil takes the whole life as his playing-game and we are the candidates.

Use [edit]

Earless elephant in production

Besides operating in “casanova-mode”, the nasus longus works as fittnes trainer for the homo sapiens laptopus, as guardian of his wife and house.

He is quite proficient in producing no-ear-elephants. He also detects pheasants anywhere anytime. His enforcement capabilities make him predestined to eduicate young male dogs. His educational style is somewhat hard to get used to, so it is not very popular, yet.

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  3. Tindra says:

    Super, genial, weiter so!!!

  4. Finn says:

    SENSATIONELLLLLL!!! Zweibeiner ist vor Lachen vom Stuhl gefallen…. Lass sie vorübergehend dort liegen, denn es lacht immer noch.. Finn

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    Ich bin hin und weg.

    Liebes WUUUH

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  8. Das ist ja supergeil!!!!
    Ich habe so sehr gelacht … die Tränen laufen immer noch.

    Herzliche Grüße

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  10. Anouk says:

    Aber so Klasse, Genial, Super – noch mehr davon. Das war noch ein genialer Aufsteller vor dem Nachtdienst :))))) Danke 🙂

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